Pelajaran dari TFA untuk TFM

Sangat menarik untuk dikongsikan artikel tentang Teach for America (TFA) dalam New York Times yang diulas oleh ramai orang termasuk Diane Ravitch hari ini dalam blognya yang saya ikuti. Banyak yang kita boleh pelajari dan banding dengan Teach For Malaysia (TFM) yang sedang kita usahakan.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Today the New York Times ran an admiring article about Teach for America.

I almost missed it because it was in the business section.

The young people interviewed intend to move on to six-figure jobs on Wall Street after they put in their two years in the classroom. Some say they are making quite a financial sacrifice by deferring their entry into their “real” career.

The comments are almost as interesting as the article.

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