Major Re-Analysis of International Test

Tulisan Dienne Ravitch tentang kajian semula ujian antarabangsa PISA dan TIMSS berdasarkan kajian oleh Richard Rohstein dan Martin Canoy menarik untuk dikongsi, Namun pandangan mereka yang agak menongkah arus mungkin terlalu awal untuk diterima bulat-bulat.

Lebih-lebih lagi Martin Carnoy yang saya kenali semasa mengikuti kursus di Stanford University dalam tahun 1994 adalah seorang ahli ekonomi. Beliau banyak mengkaji pendidikan dari sudut ekonomi lebih daripada pendidikan.

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Richard Rothstein and Martin Carnoy, both highly accomplished scholars, have reanalyzed the international test score data and arrived at some startling and important findings.

Their study is titled “International Tests Show Achievement Gaps in All Countries, with Big Gains for U.S. Disadvantaged Students.” It includes not only their major analysis of international test scores, but critiques by the leaders of OECD and PISA, and their response to the critiques.

This important study should change the way international tests are reported by the media, if they take the time to read Rothstein and Carnoy.

In every nation, students from the most affluent homes are at the top of the test scores, and students from the poorest homes are at the bottom. In other words, there is an “achievement gap” based on social class in every nation.

They point out that the big assessment programs—PISA and TIMSS—do not consistently disaggregate by social…

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